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Set Up Constant Speed in box2d

This brief tutorial will show you how to set up dynamic objects with a constant speed in box2d. It assumes you have a basic understanding of how to set up a box2d project with cocos2d. As you are no doubt aware, the box2d physics engine is a wonderful tool for creating a virtual world filled […]

cocos2d: Using Tilt and Calibration/Bias

If you have created a tilt-based game using the iOS accelerometer, one of the complaints you might have heard was about having to hold the device flat, face up, in order to keep the tilt centered. You hear people explain they would like to be able to at least hold it at a slight angle […]

cocos2d Health Bar

Would you like to create a cool health meter complete with a grilled effect and a background gradient? Something that looks a little like this: I’m going to show you how to set this up in your own game. I’m assuming you are using cocos2d as your graphics framework. First, design your grill. This is […]