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Google Docs Outage “Mea Culpa”

Google has made a blog post concerning the reasons for their Google Docs outage last week. In essence, a bug in their software was exposed when they added an enhancement, a bug that was only visible under heavier load than seen in the test environment. One of those “Wait, that didn’t happen in the simulator” […]

HP’s Future Cloudy

HP has announced a ‘private Cloud beta’┬áto introduce developers to their new HP Cloud Services. This is broken into two actual named services, HP Cloud Compute and HP Cloud Object Storage. This breaks the cloud functionality up into the two traditional bits of cloud computing: putting stuff in the cloud (storage) and doing stuff in […]

Google’s Cloud Evaporating

I’ve written before, elsewhere, about cloud computing as the latest trend (though that’s not to say it’s new, just that it is trending.. again). At the time I laid out pros and cons from the point of view of putting the entire computing experience into the cloud. But of course, that’s only one way to […]