There are several older projects that I’ve worked on in the past. I’ve typically released source code as well as binary packages for these projects. Regardless, I still get pings on the website for these older bits of work.

In some cases, I admittedly let the project go abandoned and untouched. The LAME Framework is an example of this, where I had created an OS X Framework wrapper around the LAME library in order to allow MP3 conversion within any OS X app. At the time, a helpful user, creator of a commercial software package which I can’t remember the name of off hand, offered to make a couple of improvements and then offered to take over development. I agreed and backed off. I didn’t follow it since then, but you can get *a* version of the LAME library as a framework from Audio-Engineering it seems. You can’t find the link from their website, but you can still grab it via the URL here. I don’t know if it’s up to date or well maintained, but it’s something.

In other cases, like the Terminal Here Plugin, the functionality was fine until Apple altered things to the point where it couldn’t possibly work any longer as core functionality was removed. As I mention elsewhere though, in this case, there is a workaround.

Then there’s cscreen, a little command line utility you could use to alter your display configurations. When I first wrote it, it was a PPC binary only (gives you an idea of the age of the little guy). I still get hits for it, presumably by Mac admins who need the command line functionality to be able to alter display configurations without UI involvement. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet ported it to the newer APIs. It’s been so long since it was written that not only have some of the APIs been deprecated, some are no longer available at all on the most recent revisions of OS X. So that’s going to be a bit of a rewrite. That’s something I may kick around in my spare time. I have updated cscreen and it now has its own page.

Finally, there’s TimeStat, something that never got a lot of attention from anyone but me. It was (and still is) a menu bar addon that is used to replace the System Clock in the menu bar (you would turn off the System Clock display if you run TimeStat) but did two things beyond this. It allowed much greater customization of the clock display and it allowed you to configure commonly used apps in the pulldown. I actually created a new version of TimeStat which added a plugin architecture to this, allowing even more customization. But I never released it. I fairly recently switched to simply using Spotlight in lieu of TimeStat’s dropdown menu and opted to give up the customized clock just to be a little leaner. However there may still be some use in TimeStat for others, so I’ll consider getting that set up as a releasable *thing*.

That’s all I have on the subject. I’m sorry if you’re looking for something and not finding it. I hope you manage to resolve whatever it is you’re looking to resolve. You can of course leave me a message if you’d like to ask me about something. I might have a project lying about in a half broken state that may yet help you anyway.