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A link to the iTunes webpage for Centripetal.

Centripetal is a maze game with a twist. The objective is to reach an exit with the ball. The twist is in how you control it; by tapping to create an anchor around which the ball moves, changing the direction and hopefully moving the ball closer to your goal. This provides a unique style of play.

There are various challenges using the obstacles that are presented. From simple immobile blocks to moving blocks that will bump you off of the obvious path. From deflectors which will send the ball in random directions to teleporters which will send the ball to other locations altogether. You’ll take a little while getting used to how to control the tethering to control the ball and then you’ll perfect your strategies throughout the 80 levels provided in the game.

With top notch artwork from Jason Cabral and music including “Decisions” by Kevin MacLeod at incompetech as well as several tracks from Partners In Rhyme. Originally developed using the cocos2d and box2d frameworks, I have since ported it to the excellent Unity3D platform.