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BlackBerry Dying On the Vine

I almost feel sorry for RIM. It’s bad enough that what was once the golden child of the smartphone world, at least among business users, is now being taken out back by these upstart iPhones and Androids, but now the reliability of their centerpiece, their BlackBerry Messenger service, is being called into question due to […]

Richard Stallman is a Jerk.. and Wrong

The title of this post is pretty indicative of the tone and content of this post. If you worship at the altar of Richard Stallman and promote all things Stallmanesque then I contend you are not likely to enjoy the rest of this post. How to be a Jerk in Just 102 Words First, I’ll […]

Malware .. Plague of the Internet

So you think you may have become infected with malware (that is, a virus, a trojan, a keylogger, a rootkit or any other number of bits of malevolent software). First off, realize that many types of malware can be cleanly removed. The counterpoint to that is that not only are other types extremely hard to […]

Out with the new, In with the old

So I’ve been using the beta version of Yahoo and I have to say I’m not happy. I’ve presented my feedback and of course gotten no responses (it’s intended to be anonymous and you shouldn’t expect a response). Yet they also haven’t addressed the issues. The single biggest gripe that I have is the usage […]