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The Best Programming Tool… Ever

The best programming tool I’ve ever used was a whiteboard with dry erase markers. When I worked for IBM, we had a team of, oh, about 10 or so developers working on an internal project with usage spanning the globe. We turned out tight code on a tight schedule and we did it with relatively […]

Dear Netflix

Dear Netflix, I’m so sorry to see you like this. It seems like just yesterday when you were the youthful embodiment of revolutionary zeal, ready to take on the world and change how everything works. Now you’re in a bit of a pickle and it seems like the vultures are circling. It wasn’t supposed to […]

Kids, Pointy things, and Sugar

So this Flickr photo (and comments) shows an interesting little treat. Mini Cupcake Kebobs. It’s a neat idea and the person who posted the Flickr photo admitted they in turn got the idea elsewhere, but decided to share the idea, and the photo. The fun part is where they offered this as a treat for […]

Bird splat!

This took place some time ago and has existed on my website since then. With the redesign I really didn’t want it to get lost, so I’m posting it here for posterity. So I’m driving to my parents’ house and alongside the road is a power line, to my 2 o’clock is a pickup truck. […]