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Facebook Page Tab and WordPress

Previously I discussed what I went through to use the generic SSL certificate that came with my ICDSoft hosting service with the Facebook application I set up for my Facebook Page tab. I mentioned at the end that I also had to do a little rejiggering to use a WordPress page for the Facebook app. […]

Facebook Page Tab, SSL and Hosted Websites

Here’s the setup. My company, PNG Support, has a Facebook page and we wanted to be able to set up custom content there rather than just rely on using the wall to post links back to the main site. If you are unfamiliar with how to do this, there is an excellent write up here […]

The Best Programming Tool… Ever

The best programming tool I’ve ever used was a whiteboard with dry erase markers. When I worked for IBM, we had a team of, oh, about 10 or so developers working on an internal project with usage spanning the globe. We turned out tight code on a tight schedule and we did it with relatively […]

Bad News For MiniStumble (StumbleUpon Safari Extension)

As you may be aware, I’ve been working on a StumbleUpon Safari extension to mimic the functionality of the Firefox plugin. I’ve written about it here on my blog, created a page devoted to the MiniStumble project and also attempted to gather input from the StumbleUpon forums. Yesterday, my StumbleUpon forum posts were removed, the […]

Private API’s (Should You Use Them?)

In working on the StumbleUpon Safari extension, I came across requests in the SU support forums about SU providing an API for developers to create SU toolbars of their own. Currently there is a Firefox plugin provided by StumbleUpon but that’s it as far as actual extensions available for SU functionality. They created a toolbar […]

More MiniStumble Hacking Fun (We Have v2.0!)

Just a quickie here. We have a version 2.0 of MiniStumble, the StumbleUpon Safari extension bar! You can find more details on the MiniStumble page.

Fun With MiniStumble – Hacking a StumbleUpon Safari Extension

You may not be aware that I’ve created a teensy little StumbleUpon Safari extension. If not, go check it out. Apple supposedly has approved it for inclusion in their gallery, but I’ve checked and I don’t yet see it. Regardless, as the page says it is a minimally functional StumbleUpon Safari extension, only providing a […]

Set Up Constant Speed in box2d

This brief tutorial will show you how to set up dynamic objects with a constant speed in box2d. It assumes you have a basic understanding of how to set up a box2d project with cocos2d. As you are no doubt aware, the box2d physics engine is a wonderful tool for creating a virtual world filled […]

cocos2d: Using Tilt and Calibration/Bias

If you have created a tilt-based game using the iOS accelerometer, one of the complaints you might have heard was about having to hold the device flat, face up, in order to keep the tilt centered. You hear people explain they would like to be able to at least hold it at a slight angle […]

Centripetal: Free for a Day!

PNG is making Centripetal free for a day!