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Weblogic, Kerberos, Single Sign On and You

We recently needed to implement single sign on in Weblogic for a client and finally managed to get it working, but had more difficulty than we probably ought to have. While some of our problems stemmed from our lack of experience with Weblogic,¬†we also ran into problems with the documentation we were pointed to being […]

Have You Seen This SQL Server Bug?

I may have found a bug regarding how SQL Server calls CLR functions when using columns from tables joined using non-indexed columns. I’m including a SQL script, with comments on what to do with it, and hopefully anyone reading this will try it for themselves and tell me if what I’m seeing happens for them […]

Stalemate Updates Coming Soon

I’ve recently been revisiting my little iOS chess like app, Stalemate. The latest update is currently in review and includes two major revisions. The first and most important is the addition of a tutorial mode. That is a feature that has been requested and honestly should have been there from the word go. When I […]

Centripetal Re-released!

Greetings and salutations and welcome to 2013! For my first new post of the year I am very happy to announce that I have re-released Centripetal onto the iTunes App Store under my own name. ūüôā Click here to purchase Centripetal on the iTunes App Store. As an aside, a fair bit has changed since […]

cscreen for Intel

Years ago (2004?) I wrote a little command line utility that allowed users to alter their screen resolutions, bit depths and refresh rates. To be entirely honest I don’t even remember why I did it in the first place. However it seems to have been somewhat useful to a handful of folks over the years. […]

Unity Hinge Joint Tutorial Project

In the process of getting started on Centripetal 2, I ended up needing to make use of Hinge Joints. I’ve put together a Hinge Tutorial Project¬†project with a sequence of simple scenes that might help explain and demonstrate the various options associated with Hinge Joints. Enjoy!

Centripetal 2

As some of you are aware, I created a little game called Centripetal and had it up on the iPhone/iPad¬†app store. Wait, don’t go trying to download it now. My former company, Phoenix Networking Group, who had rights to the game, has transferred those rights over to me. As a result, the game has been […]

Animation and Modeling are Non-Trivial

I want to tip my hat to those of you who have taken the time to learn modeling and animation. As a game developer (I suppose I get to call myself that by now) with an emphasis on the coding side of things, I have tended to try to “make do” when it came to […]

Data Access with .NET Framework 4 (Exam 70-516)

I passed my 70-516 exam yesterday with a score of 860. Not as great as I would have liked but not nearly as bad as I had feared. Overall I’m pleased. For what it’s worth, I followed the same route many others have followed in preparing for the exam. I started with the MCTS Self-Paced […]

Building Buzz for your iOS App

I recently received the following email: Hi Lynn, I hope you are doing well and that this holiday season isn’t keeping you¬†too busy. The reason for my e-mail is because I have a friend from College who just¬†finished an iOS game and is looking to get some press for it. I wanted to¬†know if there […]