Entries for October, 2011

Occupying the Occupation

I’ve been reading the Occupy Wall Street movement for awhile now. I’m sure many have. I’m interested for several reasons; I believe there is an inequity though I don’t know that I’ve managed to put my finger on the precise nature of it, there is potential for a great deal of change which may be […]

Yahoo and Apple, A Study In Contrasts

I’m not going to discuss differences between how the companies have been run, the dramatically different arcs each has taken in recent years, or the products each has gotten into. I am instead going to talk about something many might find a bit odd on my blog. I’m going to talk about stock prices. More […]

Java Resurgent: Not So Much

In Pursuit of the One True Programming Language ¬†Cringely had an interesting take on Java. I must confess, I love Java, warts and all. And while it has been awhile since I really got involved with Java development, I’ve watched from afar and seen that more of its issues are being worked out. I think […]

Silver Linings

I have been hard pressed to focus on the blog of late. My 9 year old daughter plays soccer and several days ago, during practice, was on the receiving end of a kicked soccer ball. Unfortunately the ball was kicked by one of the dads and from about 10 feet in front of her. She […]

BlackBerry Dying On the Vine

I almost feel sorry for RIM. It’s bad enough that what was once the golden child of the smartphone world, at least among business users, is now being taken out back by these upstart iPhones and Androids, but now the reliability of their centerpiece, their BlackBerry Messenger service, is being called into question due to […]


Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex… It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction. -Albert Einstein Apple – iPod nano with Multi-Touch 12 Key Features Apple iPad Lacks Ridicule is the tribute paid to the genius by the mediocrities. – Oscar […]

Poor Qwikster. Netflix Hardly Knew Ye.

So, as reported on TekGoblin, Netflix has now renounced their pronouncement announcing Qwikster, the spinoff which would have split the DVD rental business off from the streaming business. I had written previously about the Netflix saga and as before I don’t think Netflix has done themselves any favors but I also don’t think they are […]

Review: OtterBox Defender for iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 (and the soon to be seen by all the cool kids iPhone 4S) is a lovely phone. I don’t mean it is good at being a phone, I mean it is quite literally lovely to look at. I love Apple kit as much as the next Mac-head but I don’t think I’m […]

Seth Godin’s Forever Recession

Seth Godin wrote of what he calls the “forever recession” on his blog. His opening quote: There are actually two recessions: The first is the cyclical one, the one that inevitably comes and then inevitably goes. There’s plenty of evidence that intervention can shorten it, and also indications that overdoing a response to it is […]

Richard Stallman is a Jerk.. and Wrong

The title of this post is pretty indicative of the tone and content of this post. If you worship at the altar of Richard Stallman and promote all things Stallmanesque then I contend you are not likely to enjoy the rest of this post. How to be a Jerk in Just 102 Words First, I’ll […]