Techcrunch reports that Adobe has changed their Flash Media Server to stream Flash based content to iOS devices by essentially removing the content from a Flash container and reformatting it on the fly to something palatable on iOS. Two quick comments.

First, the opening quote from Techcrunch:

Ardent iOS supporters have been clamoring for true Flash support for years

I would respectfully disagree with. Ardent iOS supporters probably haven’t missed Flash support much, and even less so over time.

Second, this marks a potentially significant departure for Adobe from their stance of pushing their format across all platforms as the end-all be-all. This combined with their announcement of Adobe Edge, their tool to create content using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS instead of Flash, are indicators that Adobe seems to be pushing away from Flash and trying to stay on the lead of creating the tools developers will use going forward. I don’t see this as a bad thing, frankly.