Entries for August, 2011

Centripetal: Free for a Day!

PNG is making Centripetal free for a day!

cocos2d Health Bar

Would you like to create a cool health meter complete with a grilled effect and a background gradient? Something that looks a little like this: I’m going to show you how to set this up in your own game. I’m assuming you are using cocos2d as your graphics framework. First, design your grill. This is […]

Malware .. Plague of the Internet

So you think you may have become infected with malware (that is, a virus, a trojan, a keylogger, a rootkit or any other number of bits of malevolent software). First off, realize that many types of malware can be cleanly removed. The counterpoint to that is that not only are other types extremely hard to […]

I’ve Made A Game… Now What?

You’ve finished your masterpiece. Your testers are happy with your game and so are you. Everyone who has seen it has fallen in love with it. It’s ready to go up on the app store. So now what? Well, if you’re like me, you start scrambling to learn everything you can about how to market […]