This took place some time ago and has existed on my website since then. With the redesign I really didn’t want it to get lost, so I’m posting it here for posterity.

So I’m driving to my parents’ house and alongside the road is a power line, to my 2 o’clock is a pickup truck. Many birds are sitting on said power line and they suddenly swoop off the line, as birds are wont to do, and down in front of the pickup and myself.

Figuring they have a healthy dose of self preservation, neither I nor the truck appeared to slow down. Suddenly I heard a *THUMP* from my right side and in a split second I imagined something fell off of the truck and hit my car, envisioning a trip to the body shop or worse the mechanic and cursing my luck.

Then I see in the rearview mirror the image of a bird’s corpse rolling to a stop on the pavement behind me and realize a bird must have hit me, and so hard that he broke his neck or something.

I pulled in at my parents’ house and exited the vehicle, walking to the rear to go check the passenger side quarter panel. I see a line that at first I took for a crack, and figured the bird really knocked the hell out of my car to make a crack that size, but then realized it was just a dirt line. My car hasn’t been washed in awhile. So then I step toward the front of the car, checking out the rear door and again see nothing.

Figuring the bird hadn’t done anything serious I then turn to go into the house and notice what appears to be a huge white smudge on the front passenger side door. Examining it in more detail, I was shocked and amazed, and took the pictures below.

It is for real. This is not made up. The grainy quality of the picture belies the incredible detail that is actually on my door at this moment.*

* – Okay, not ‘at this moment’. This happened a year ago or so almost and while I don’t wash my car that often, it has been washed at least once since then.