Update 2011-09-30:

The project is cancelled due to a request by StumbleUpon to no longer develop it.

Update 2011-09-23:

I have released version 2.0 of MiniStumble! Huzzah! I went ahead and cracked open the Firefox plugin and started poking around at the protocols there and have slowly been adding features. Thus far, I have implemented the login capabilities plus the ability to Stumble (now without using the StumbleUpon toolbar), indicate Like/Dislike for the current page (if it is in the SU index), Discover a page (if it is not in the SU index), Show Info on the current page and display Favorites. The improvement to you, the end user, is a more natural flow of usage, able to visit a page during your normal browsing and Like/Dislike it without having to pull it up manually for stumbling. There are more features to go and those I have implemented are, due to the reverse engineering, not likely entirely complete. But this seemed a reasonable enough milestone that it warranted release.

As usual, please send comments, positive or negative, to the address listed on my website.


I’ve recently stumbled upon StumbleUpon (groan-worthy, I know) as I have been working on my blog and, having found a useful Safari extension for reddit, I looked for an extension for StumbleUpon. I saw that there had been one called Stumbli, but that it had not been updated in quite some time and as far as I could tell is no longer available. When I started digging into things a bit more, I saw that the API that used to be available was not available anymore and that there was a general desire for a useful Safari extension to handle stumbling. That combined with the fact that I had been curious about developing a Safari extension turned into a few hours worth of effort and now… MiniStumble is born!

MiniStumble is a very minimally functional StumbleUpon Safari extension. It gives you a new extension bar with a ‘Stumble!’ button, a ‘Share this Page’ button, a ‘Show Info’ button, and an information area that will attempt to ask StumbleUpon for the page title and # of views reported, using the StumbleUpon badge API. The ‘Stumble!’ button will redirect you to the StumbleUpon website’s toolbar mode. The ‘Share this Page’ button will open a new window for submission of the current tab’s URL. If it exists, you’ll be asked if you wish to share it. If it doesn’t, you’ll be asked to add it. Your login status will be handled by their website. And the ‘Show Info’ button will open a new window to SU with whatever info they have on the current URL.

And that’s it. The JSON interface provides a few other pieces of information but nothing I figured was actually useful. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a way to easily do likes/dislikes and so on, though to be honest I haven’t tried digging around a whole great deal in their generated HTML. Perhaps it would be a simple enough matter to tease out a GET or POST request that I could make. As I said, I haven’t looked to hard. I wanted to get this bit of functionality going.

If you find this useful, great, drop me a line and let me know. I would appreciate it. If not, I’d like to know that too.